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Compact positive yarn feeder

It is a device designed to provide circular knitting machines always the correct amount of yarn, independently of external factors. Thanks to the peculiar mechanical operation of its components, Dinema’s Plus is suitable with circular knitting machines using any type of bare elastomer yarn.

It is one of the most compact devices currently 0n the market; its small size allows an easy installation on any machine.
The Plus’ power consumption is the best on the market (up to 30% less than competitors). In addition, the device includes an electric sensor that detects when the yarn breaks, offering an “all-in-one” solution.

ico section titleTechnical features:

ico checkedMaximum size (with arm in rest position): 186 mm x 162 mm x 160 mm
ico checkedPower supply voltage 24Vdc
ico checkedMaximum power consumption: 0.6 A (during normal operation), 4 A (at start-up)
ico checkedOperating temperature range: +10° to +60° C
ico checkedStorage temperature range: -25 ° … + 85 ° C
ico checkedElectronically controlled yarn feeding at constant speed
ico checkedMaximum yarn feeding speed: 700m/min
ico checkedSpeed range: 0 to 5500 rpm
ico checkedLFA function for precise measurement of yarn drown in by the machine
ico checkedBroken yarn function identified through “iSpy” – an integrated yarn sliding sensor
ico checkedTwo-color led for quick and easy identification of feeder status
ico checkedBobbin loading with the possibility of left and right holder rotation

ico section titleHardware versions


XL – to feed larger bobins

ico section titleAccessories

Only XL version

Silicon yarn sensor

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