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for easy design and efficient production

Is the new Software Suite developed by Dinema for the Textile Machinery Industry, geared to the use of AI.

Unlimitex main strenghts are: visual programming, dedicated graphics for textile design and the introduction of cutting edge AI software development technologies.

2D programs allow also to non-expert users the capability to make garments by correctly placing the various actuators and reducing to a few clicks the import of drawings.

On the other hand, 3D programs offer the possibility of displaying all knitting stitches in both realistic and symbolic manner, of managing multi-feeds in spiral mode, of having a view of points of highest fabric compression as well as the direction of the cylinder on the 3D field.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the designer can automatically manage machine program adjustments during the design phase. Moreover, AI will also provide support during the production phases of garments, thanks to Arcadia’s Predictive and Preventive functions.

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The Arcadia software detects machine stops, their efficiency, the number of articles produced and it is also capable of accounting for the movement of actuators such as solenoid valves and stepper motors; it calculates the energy used by certain motors and that used by each garment produced and provides instant messaging support for system alerts.

Arcadia’s optionals offer an easy way to connect this software with several Company Management Systems (ERP’s), and database connection with the most advanced technologies to directly manage and program machines. In addition, they enable automatic and dynamic production balancing.

By using the latest artificial intelligence techniques, Arcadia can improve production by monitoring the use of various devices and organizing preventive and predictive maintenance, anticipating and avoiding possible downtime due to wear and tear such as, for example, the replacement of solenoid valves at the proper time.

ico section titleUnlimitex

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3D Kit

AI Kit (Artificial Intelligence)

Interface Kit

AI Kit (Artificial Intelligence)

Service Kit

3D Kit

AI Kit (Artificial Intelligence)

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