ico section titleDSC TOUCH 7” BLACK EDITION

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device for electronic measurement of garments

DSC TOUCH 7” V.3 BLACK EDITION is the new size control device for socks and underwear, and it has been studied to solve the problems related to size univocity and to size measurements precision both for knitting and finishing internal and external departments. Measuring is effected by means of the traction determined by the carriage moving down at a constant speed up until the set up pulling force is reached. The Measuring is controlled by an electronic system.

DSC TOUCH is a technological solution that through a measurement electronic control, allows to overcome problems due to operator influence during measuring and reading of the measuring itself.
There is the possibility of using DSC TOUCH in an automatic way and therefore getting not only a measuring but the relevant automatic correction of the machine program too. The automatic correction will adjust the size to the requested one.

DSC TOUCH is equipped with a functional and intuitive touch screen command panel 7” and with a software developed with Android operating system.

DSC TOUCH is a portable device, provided with rechargeable batteries,which can be easily moved inside knitting rooms.

ico section titleTechnical features:

ico checkedAndroid operating system
ico checkedElectronic measuring control
ico checkedExcellent mobility of the device thanks to the side handles and the low weight
ico checkedExtension strenght can be set from 100 gr. Up to 10 Kg
ico checkedLength can be measured from 14cm up to 430cm. For the Pantyhose version, and from 9cm up to 160cm for the men/child version
ico checkedMinimum width from 13cm. for the pantyhose version and 9,5cm. for the men/child version
ico checkedKit (optional) for the measurement of partial (leg, foot, ecc. ecc.)
ico checkedAutonomy up to 500 measuring operations
ico checkedBattery charger included

ico section titleHARDWARE VERSION


versatility to precisely measure every knitting item


dedicated kit to accurately measure socks and shoes


measurable length up to 430 cm


pull weight up to 20 kg

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