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Sensor detecting yarn flow in circular knitting machines.

ISpy is a sensor which can detect the yarn flow on circular machines. Machines equipped with iSpy can implement dual technology within the same device: an optical cell has been added to the original yarn movement detection system, based on electrostatic detection, to identify yarn vibrations.

The optical sensor allows the iSpy devices to be used even in circumstances where the yarn has been wet due to production requirements. The operation of the dual source sensor, electrostatic and optical, is achieved thanks to an algorithm optimized through the adjustment of parameters that allow the modulation of the required sensitivity.

ISpy has been developed to fully integrate with textile machines, graphic design programming systems, and ERP’s, allowing the user to exploit the device’s full potential. It can also be equipped with several accessories for installation in the most diverse production environments.

ico section titleTECHNICAL FEATURES:

ico checkedOperating voltage 24 VDC
ico checkedPower consumption: max. 55 mA
ico checkedImmune to dust and external agents
ico checkedImmune to outdoor lighting and direct sunlight
ico checkedCapability to detect yarns of different colors and counts

ico section titleAccessories

Yarn Ring


Soft-spring tensioner

Hard spring tensioner

Pneumatic tensioner

Magnetic yarn tensioner

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