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Device for monitoring yarn feeding.

GRYF device performs the control of yarn feeding in the textile machines (large diameter, seamless, hosiery and flat knitting machines) using a programmed weight.
It can be equipped with different accessories to increase its potential and meet the most varied type of manufacturing.

ico section titleTechnical features:

ico checkedDimensions: approx. 143 x 80 x 71 mm
ico checkedWeight: 400 gr
ico checkedVoltage: programmable from 0,5 to 50 gr
ico checkedWeight resolution: 0.1 gr
ico checkedMotor speed: up to 8’000 RPM
ico checkedYarn feeding speed: up to 1’500 m/min
ico checkedPower supply: 24 Vdc

ico section titleHardware version



ico section titleAccessories

Mechanical compensator

Can be used with yarn brake

Yarn break

Can be used with Mechanical Compensator

Ceramic 1

Bare elastomer yarn

Wheeling kit Type 1

Wheeling kit Type 2

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