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Device for program transfer to Lonati and Santoni machines

FDU4 is a Dinema product device for transferring programs to Lonati and Santoni machines.

FDU4 ensures full compatibility with machines of any generation (Lonati e Santoni), thanks to the dual function serial/USB. FDU4 implement a new feature that allows the transfer of programs directly from PC to machine, without the use of serial cables, but with our FCC-certified wireless connection.

The FDU4 device has a led light multicolor to show the state.

ico section titleTechnical features:

ico checkedPendrive USB 2.0 with 16GB storage
ico checkedSerial port for machine connection equipped with no Linux electronics
ico checkedFCC certified wireless module (FCC ID: S9NSPBTLERF)
ico checkedKit includes two already coupled devices

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